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why i went back to work

"Every good and perfect gift

is from above,

coming down from the Father of heavenly lights,

who does not change

like the shifting shadows."

James 1:17

Why would I go back to work when we are financially stable enough for me to just be a housewife? Do we suddenly need money? Am I discontent with my role as a homemaker? Am I getting bored?

People online didn’t really question my posts about going back to work. I don’t feel like there NEEDS to be an explanation. Yet, it was unplanned, and since New Kind of Living is all about my life, I figured I’d give an update.

I started working for a family as a nanny back in October of 2018. I was laid off due to COVID in April of 2020. I was able to receive unemployment which was slightly more than I was making as a nanny. While receiving unemployment, I would also FaceTime the kids most days of the week, and I was paid a little bit for that. I was asked to come back in November of 2020. When it was time to start traveling for my husband’s work in February of 2021, I formally quit.

It was a tearful goodbye when I left. I would be gone for most of the spring while my husband, Harrison, worked. They had plans to be gone for majority of the summer, which is when I’d be home. We believed my days of working were officially over.

I have loved being a housewife and just having all the time in the world to write and read. Cleaning and cooking come fairly easy to me because of the way I was raised.

I had saved so much money before marriage. I was extremely blessed to have parents who paid all the bills. I took “advantage”, and saved majority of my money. When Harrison and I combined banks accounts, I was able to put in a big chunk. The numbers in our bank account were looking really good, and we were both good with me staying home. (We have no car payments, no student loans, etc. We only have a mortgage on the house to pay off. If you take anything from this blog, let it be… Be good with money. In the end, the lack of stress from not having to worry a whole lot about it will be worth the penny pinching!!)

To this day, I can’t fully grasp how my life ended up. I used dream of a life similar to this one, but it was never this good. There are many not-so-perfect things about my life, but I am still very content.

So, when I got a text a week into June asking me to come back to work, I hesitated.

My life had become low stress and full of so much contentment. But the work would only be temporary. Sure, we didn’t NEED the money right away, but extra money doesn’t hurt. Anything can happen plus we are in the market looking for a new car for me.

They had no expectations of how much I could work and only needed me through the very beginning of July.

I have always loved working for them. And it would just be temporary. I began working 8am-12pm every weekday. I also got a week off to go to the beach. I had to work today, and I will work tomorrow. After this, I probably won't go back, but I will definitely stay in touch with them.

Since I hadn't planned on working this summer, it was definitely hard to get in the "groove", but it was nice being able to visit with them for a short while.

What are my future plans in terms of working now?

You know I really can’t say. Of course, I will continue to hope that my writing will pick up more and more, and I’ll find more opportunities with that route. As far as working for someone or a company, I am open to it once my husband and I settle down.

(Random little park/trail we walked around for my 21st)

Our hope is that Harrison will find a home job and will work for only one plant instead of traveling all around for months at a time. Depending on how many years that takes, we will either be ready to start a family or still continuing to enjoy life just the two of us. If we have no immediate plans to have a baby, I would like to work again. I have always wanted to work at a coffee shop but only time will tell.

God has been so good in blessing me abundantly that I trust Him fully with my life. Whatever happens, I know it will end up being great.


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