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Hey!!! Long time, no see!!

If you keep up with me on Instagram, you know that I am only writing for New Kind of Living once a month. I felt like I was just overwhelming everyone with too many blogs. HOWEVER, if you like the frequent posts, I post on medium THREE times a week. It would mean the world if you went over there and followed me (@

Where do I even begin?? Not every monthly blog will be an update blog, but I feel like I have so many updates. So, I wanted this one to definitely be one.

A lot has happened in a month. In August, my husband, Harrison, got in a motorcycle wreck. He walked away fine, but it shook my world up. It is scary to be shown just how easily something could have gone very, very wrong. I struggled with some harsh anxiety that I am still trying to calm down from. I thank God everyday that I didn't lose Harrison. My world would have never been the same again.

Just one week later, we went on a beach trip with Harrison’s family. It was our last vacation and fun for the summer.

Because a week after that, we left for Harrison’s work. If you didn’t know, my husband works seasonally. He works in the fall and in the spring. We had a very fun and relaxing summer that lasted four whole months. Neither one of us had to work at all during that time. It gets easier with time adapting to a completely opposite way of life, but it is still a challenge none the less.

We drove to Alabama for Harrison’s training. Usually, training lasts three to four days. They are shorter work days, and I prefer to be there for them. It is what I consider our "transition period". It eases us into Harrison working again before he has to start working twelve hour shifts. We were excited to find out he had day shift while we were in Alabama. That would mean we would get to eat dinner together. We would get to sleep together at night. Day shift feels like a normal life compared to night shift.

His training only ended up lasting one day. It was a Sunday that we drove to Alabama, and by Tuesday, we made a two and a half hour drive to TN. He only had to work eight hours that week, and then, he would have a four day weekend for labor day.

I ended up driving back home on Thursday. On Friday, my mom drove me and my sisters to GA for my oldest sister’s baby shower. We left in the morning on Sunday. I hopped in my car as soon as we got back, and I headed back to Harrison. I would at least get to spend his Monday off with him. He also only had to work ten hour shift up until Friday.

So, that brings us to now.

Harrison just started twelve hour shifts on Friday. His last day off was yesterday (Monday). His next day off will be Saturday. This nuclear plant does four on and one off (work four days and get a day off).

We currently live in an Airbnb with three other guys. We share one fridge AND one bathroom. The three guys work night shift. Which has its pros and cons. It means that on nights they work, we get the house to ourselves. However, the cons are I have to tiptoe around the house until they wake up. I don’t like disturbing people; so, I try to be extra quiet.

I do the same things that I always do each outage. I read and write a lot. I do the cooking and the laundry. As long as I get into some kind of routine, the days don't drag on. With each outage, I learn to adapt to different environments and schedules better. Every outage looks a little different from the one before, but we always figure it out.

I pray this outage is a good one. I pray it helps Harrison even more in getting a home job. I pray our marriage is fruitful this season.


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