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what now?

In my last blog, I expressed the anxiety I felt on my wedding night.

I had been warned by someone beforehand that it could happen. She had told me, “I did not know how to act the next day. All of the sudden, I was a wife.”

It all happened so fast. My engagement was four months. When we chose the date, the wedding felt so far out. At first, it was slow. The planning was slow and thought out. My husband and I enjoyed our engagement for as long as it lasted.

Then… BOOM! We blinked, and the wedding was two weeks away… one week away… a couple of days away… until it was finally the very next day.

The day went perfectly. Everything I could have hoped for and more. There was no huge mistake. Everything went smoothly, and it was so fun.

The day just came and went. My mind was unprepared for the feeling of no longer having to plan, and suddenly becoming a wife. So, my mind just kept replaying every detail of the day while repeatedly asking, “What now??? WHAT NOW??!”

We woke up at 4:30am the next day to make it to the airport nice and early. When we got to the airport, my mind was back to being excited for the new life I was entering.

We spent an amazing week in Cancun, but we were thrilled when we came home. We were finally married and able to live together.

It’s been almost three weeks since we got home, and those happy feelings only seem to grow. Marriage is so fun. I just live and get to do life with my best friend.

The more we settle into the routine… the happier I seem to feel.

So, what now?

I will continue to learn to be the best wife I can be. I love cooking and cleaning. I love loving my husband. There’s so much room for growth, and I look forward to the years ahead.

For those wondering, my “what now” does not consist of having a baby. We definitely want kids, but we plan to focus on our marriage for the next few years. I am only twenty. We have plenty of time. Waiting is something we both agreed on from the start.

My first day back at work after quarantining was Monday, and I will leave work again towards the end of February. I will be traveling for months at a time with Harrison due to his work.

Traveling and being on my own for majority of the day (Harrison works twelve hour shifts) gives me time to write. I plan to write a second book, write weekly on here, and daily on my medium blog ( I plan to read a lot. I want to read lots of books and lots of the Bible.

My “what now” is to simply chase my dreams. I am already living one (being a wife). Now, I need to really get my feet in the water to be a writer.

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