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what i do since i am alone a lot

If you read my last blog, “i prayed this wouldn’t happen”, you know that my husband, Harrison, got put on night shift (12 hour shifts six days a week). It has made being away from home and hardly seeing my husband a challenge.

Being alone at night in an unfamiliar area has to be up there with one of the most uncomfortable things I have ever done.

We are staying at in an older house with one of Harrison’s coworkers. He works night shift as well. They get home at about 6:30am every morning and leave at 5:30pm every evening. Once they leave, I begin planning out my night.

I stay up till about 1 or 2am. This is so that I can sleep in with Harrison when he gets home. Having the whole house to myself at night means that I don’t have to worry about being quiet, but it also means every creak in the house is amplified.

So what do I do being alone 90% of the time?

(^^My "set up" every night with my little pepper gel for protection lol)

Every single day, I wake up at 5:30am. I unlock the door for my husband, just in case his coworker is running late. I wake back up at 6:30am or 7am depending on when my husband comes into the room. Some mornings, we talk for a little bit, and other mornings we go straight to sleep. Going to bed late, waking up off and on, and the stress that comes with our new routine, I am pretty exhausted. I sleep till about 11:30 or 12pm. That is every single day besides the one night Harrison has off.

Harrison doesn’t get up till after 4pm. During this time, I will run any errands that need to be done. I grocery shop a lot, because our fridge and food space is very limited. We go through half gallons of lactose free milk like we are chugging them on the daily. I go to the library every day that it is open for WiFi. We don’t have WiFi at this house, and it’s the only way I can post blogs for here and

There are no coffee shops. So, besides Sunday when I go to church, grocery shopping and the library are my big outings. I avoid leaving the house once Harrison leaves for work, because I don’t have a key. I get paranoid that someone will get into the house while I am gone.

I get around an hour to an hour and a half with Harrison before he leaves for work. I do everything to enjoy every single second. I could have a terrible day, but I will do everything I can to smile. I just want to be able to enjoy that little bit of time together.

Once he leaves, I will usually make myself dinner. Depending on how much is left of Harrison’s food prep, I will make more. Cooking in someone else’s kitchen and having limited resources has proven to be a challenge. (Read my blog on my medium website about my Mac and Cheese meltdown.) To be honest, I don’t even mind the added challenge, and some of the challenges turn into funny stories anyways.

I straighten up our crammed room as best I can. I do laundry if it needs to be done.

Now, onto how I really pass time with things I enjoy. As hard as this adjustment has been, it has freed up so much time to dive into my favorite hobby, writing. I write and brainstorm throughout the day but especially at night. I am so thankful to have such a time consuming hobby. I have a MacBook Air, and I write blogs in my notes to copy and paste onto my blog.

I also read a lot. I have read six books in the past month. I make sure to read from the Bible every single day as well.

I do an at-home workout as many nights as I can. It's important to keep my body moving and healthy.

I usually end the night watching a movie.

I miss being around my husband. We are best friends and have so much fun together. But all of this does make me so thankful for the time we do get together. I am also very fortunate to be easily entertained. I really don’t get bored easily.

I can’t even express just how out of my comfort zone this all is. When I fall asleep at night all alone, I can’t help but smile. Just a couple of years ago, I know I would have refused this lifestyle due to anxiety always making me say no. I am crushing my anxiety with every passing day, and that is definitely something to celebrate.

(Every off night = date night...

it just makes me look forward

to the one night we have together EVEN More)

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